How to Sell Your Naples Home Fast

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How to Sell Your Naples Home Fast

Thinking about selling your Naples home or condo?

Follow these tips for how to sell your Naples home fast!

1. De-Personalize

In order to sell your Naples home fast, you are going to need to put in the effort as the seller. When prospective Naples homebuyers come through your  home, they want to be able to picture themselves living in the home. But how can they when all they see are your photos? Take down your family portraits, photos of your kids and pets, signs with your names on it, and anything monogrammed. This will help  buyers visualize the space better, without focusing on your pictures.

 2. De-Clutter

Go through your closets, pantry, drawers, cabinets, under beds, and garage to help de-clutter your storage spaces. Clear off your kitchen counters, end tables, nightstands and bathroom vanities. If you have things you can’t part with, consider renting a storage unit until you have sold your Naples home.

3. Organize

Buyers want to see Naples homes that are organized, with designated places for stuff.  Many buyers in Naples are second-home buyers, and want to pack their suitcase and move right in. Clean up and organize your closets, as most buyers do look inside. Scale down with what you have in your closets. If you have off-seasonal clothes, put them away to free up hanging space. You want your closets to appear bigger so less is best. Same goes with your kitchen pantry. Pantry organizing racks help keep your spices lined up neatly.

4. Repair

If you have a bold painted room, considering repainting it with a neutral tone.  Shades of grays, beiges, and whites make a room look larger as well. Check your Naples home for leaking faucets and showers. An inspector will catch that during an inspection and make a note about it.  Also, check to see if your baths or showers need re-caulking.  The more repairs you can do yourself, the better off you are in the long run.

5. Clean

Spend an afternoon just cleaning your home before you list it on the market. Dust furniture, wash floors, vacuum carpets, wipe down baseboards, wash windows and mirrors, and scrub showers and baths. While your home is being shown, you’ll need to keep up with maintaining a clean house.

Also, many  Naples homes for sale have tile flooring. Check out your grout in high traffic areas and if it appears darker than it is under your rugs, consider cleaning and sealing it. I have been in many vacant homes, and if the grout is black by the doorway and white where a rug was, trust me, it’s very noticeable to a buyer.

6. Exterior

Spruce up the outside of your Naples condo or home. The front door is usually the first thing a prospective buyer sees. Buy a new welcome mat, hang a wreath, or plant some flowers.

The investment you’ll spend sprucing up your home may pay off in quicker sales with higher prices. The less a buyer has to do to your home, the more willing they are to offer a higher price.  The market in Naples has shifted to a Buyer’s market, meaning buyers have more options of homes. Make yours stand out above the rest to entice the right buyer.

To find out your home’s value, click here. To contact Helen and Steve at Your Naples Home Source for help listing your home, call/text: 239-287-8166.

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